SafetyTac® Inline Printed Tapes

SafetyTac Inline Printed Tape

Custom messaging for
floor marking.

Floor marking is an essential part of any successful visual communication system. Floor marking with specific messaging helps workers navigate better and thus allow facilities to work faster. SafetyTac® inline printed tape enables companies to display specific messages on their floor marking material for maximum understanding and efficiency.

SafetyTac® inline printed tape comes in a variety of colors and messaging options. These tapes are built to hold up against heavy traffic and big spills, and its reinforced rubber-based adhesive ensures these floor markings will stay in place for years. SafetyTac®’s dual-stage tapered edges are designed to prevent tears or rips from wheels or pallets, and the tape’s low profile means you don’t have to worry about people tripping.

Looking for a specific message? No problem. We’re happy to customize inline printed tape to meet your needs. Give us a call at 888-246-6770.

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