SafetyTac Dots

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SafetyTacŒ¬ Dots

SafetyTac 5S Dots (50 pack) in 3.5 inch diameter, (100 pack) in 2 inch diameter.

  • 50 Dots Per Pack, 3.5" diameter.   100 Dots Per Pack, 2" diameter
  • 10 Color Choices.
  • SafetyTac 5S Dots are tough and they stick to almost any floor.
  • Easy to clean and last a long time.
  • They are the ideal way to mark aisles on the floor around machines, equipment, staging areas, racks, bins, etc.
  • They are durable enough to handle most forklift and truck traffic.
  • If one comes up, it's easy to replace. 
  • Simple and Easy Peel-n-Stick installation.
  • Great for 5S or Lean Events.
  • Don't forget the SafetyTac 5S T's & Corners to go with them.

 Our SafetyTac 5S Dots have a strong adhesive, they are very easy to use and are cost effective in any facility where industrial traffic is found.  

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