SafetyTac® Accessories

SafetyTac® Accessories

Installing and maintaining SafetyTac® marking products is simple and quick, and you can make things even easier on yourself with our official SafetyTac® accessories, including cleaning supplies and industrial applicators!

  • SafetyTac® Floor Tape Applicator

    SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape Applicator Our Industrial Tape Applicator assists with the application of all brands of Industrial PVC tape, including our popular line of SafetyTac tapes. It is particularly useful when applying 40+ rolls of tape... More details

  • SafetyTac Tamper Cart

    SafetyTac Tape Tamper Cart Ensure that your tape remains tightly bonded by utilizing our solid, steel-constructed tamper cart. Simply load weight onto the platform (which holds up to 300 pounds) and follow the applicator path for complete and... More details

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