SafetyTac® Installation Instructions


  • Plan the layout of your floor. Do not install SafetyTac® over existing tape or paint lines.
  • Sweep floor. Your floor must be free of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Clean floor with a mild detergent. Do not use chlorine-based cleaners or other cleaners that will leave a residue.


  1. To ensure straight lines over long stretches, we recommend using a chalk line to create temporary guides on the floor that you can use to position your tape.
  2. Unroll SafetyTac® tape loosely along your desired path and cut the tape to the desired length. Occasionally you may encounter a “splice” in one of your rolls of SafetyTac®. This is normal and is the nature of the product.
  3. Remove liner from one end of the tape.
  4. Tack tape down at the start of the line.
  5. As you peel back the liner during installation, lightly tack down the tape as you go, being sure to keep the tape aligned and straight without pulling.
  6. Tape lines must be tamped down with 250lbs+ of weight to create the final bond and to ensure best performance. This can be done by driving a forklift or pushing a tamper cart down the length of the line.

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