SafetyTac Floor Tape Applicator

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SafetyTac Floor Tape Applicator

SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape Applicator

• Easy to use!
• Automatic liner takeup
• Can install 1500 ft/hour
• Can be rented or purchased (Call for details)

Our Industrial Tape Applicator assists with the application of all brands of Industrial PVC tape, including our popular line of SafetyTac tapes. It is particularly useful when applying 40+ rolls of tape. Applicator is not needed/required for tape install, but can be helpful with very long runs, or large jobs.

Rent the applicator for $50 per day. Perfect for one time jobs.

The applicator is not a nessesity to put the tape down.. Most people use an applicator if they have 20+ rolls to put down.

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