SafetyTac® Floor Tape Applicator

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SafetyTac® Floor Tape Applicator
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SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape Applicator

Do you have a large facility or a large amount of floor tape to apply? Our Industrial Tape Applicator can help you apply more than 40 rolls of tape. It assists with all brands of industrial PVC tape, including our best-selling SafetyTac® tapes, and is available to rent for just $50 per day if you have a one-time job.

  • User-friendly 
  • Can be purchased or rented (contact us for details) 
  • Installs up to 1500ft/hour 
  • Automatic liner takeup 


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1 Year Warranty

We know our industrial floor tapes are the toughest on the market, so we stand behind them. As long as they are installed and maintained properly, SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape, SafetyTac® Lean, and SafetyTac® Hazard come with a one-year warranty. If you have a problem before your warranty period is up, we'll replace your tape for free.

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SafetyTac® Floor Tape Applicator

SafetyTac® Floor Tape Applicator