SafetyTac Lean

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SafetyTacŒ¬ LEAN (Shown: 3in Yellow, SL301)


SafetyTac LEAN  - 100' per roll in 2", 3", & 4" Widths

Super THIN meets Super STRONG

Made from the same Super Strong Material as SafetyTac, with a thinner, lower profile. 

  • SafetyTac Lean's thin profile and strong clear rubber based adhesive make it the perfect choice for any facility with medium / moderate traffic. Including some forklift traffic.
  • Double tapered edge allows carts and traffic to glide over it like it's not even there.
  • SafetyTac Lean removes with out leaving a residue.
  • Exceptional resistance to facility traffic, water, oils, greases and most other chemicals.
  • SafetyTac LEAN is 40% thinner (17 mils) than other Industrial Floor Marking Tapes, yet will out perform them in most all cases.
  • It's thin profile and super strong material makes it one of the best floor tapes on the market today.
  • A lot stronger than any vinyl tape.
  • Easy peel and stick application. Will not stretch or curl when applying it. 

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