Smart Stripe Hazard Tape

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SmartStripe marking hazard
  • SmartStripe marking hazard
  • Smart Stripe Hazard
  • Smart Stripe Hazard Yellow and black
  • Smart Stripe Hazard Tape
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    Smart Stripe Hazard Tape for Floor Marking

    Smart Stripe is a durable yet cost-effective solution for marking floors in industrial environments. Hazard tape specifically features a unique stripe pattern that’s eye-catching and comes in bright colors so it grabs attention right away. Use this tape in locations where workers need to pay attention to hazards, proceed with caution, or keep out. Smart Stripe Hazard Tape features high-quality industrial material that holds up to wear and tear. It can be used on a variety of surfaces beyond just flooring; apply hazard tape to walls, doors, and anywhere else that contains existing or potential hazards.


    • Eye-catching stripe pattern ensures workers easily see the tape 
    • Resistant to stretching, tearing, or curling 
    • Liner has quick-release technology for simple installation 
    • Resistant to water, chemicals, forklift traffic, and UV 
    Hazard Striped Smart Tapes on floors

    Low Profile

    Smart Stripe Hazard Tape won’t snag on wheels or present a tripping hazard; it sits smoothly on your floor for an even walking surface.

    Hazard Striped Smart Tapes easy to install

    Easy to Install

    Simply peel off the backing of the hazard tape and apply the tape to a surface that is clean and dry.

    Hazard Striped Smart Tapes resistant to traffic

    Resistant to Traffic

    Smart Stripe Hazard Tape holds up to heavy traffic from both pedestrians and vehicles.

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    Smart Stripe Hazard Tape

    Smart Stripe Hazard Tape


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