Floor tape for every job.

Choose from the SafetyTac® collection of light, medium, and heavy-traffic options. You'll get the long-lasting tape you need without breaking the bank.

SafetyTac® Tapes

SafetyTac® Industrial Floor Marking Tapes hold up under the tough conditions of industrial workplaces. They can be applied quickly with little downtime. They're versatile and serve many functions including providing traffic control, hazard alerts, and boundaries for workspaces and storage areas.



SafetyTac® Shapes

Made from the same material as our SafetyTac® floor tape, these floor marking shapes can create a system for marking the locations of equipment, pallets, shipping zones, work cells, and other permanent or movable items that require specific floor location markings.




Installing SafetyTac® tapes can be done by hand, but for large installation jobs we recommend using the SafetyTac® applicator to assist with the installation process. To maximize the longevity of your floor marking tapes, use the SafetyTac® Tamper Cart to tamp down the lines with significant pressure after installation.

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